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Word used to express general approval or awesomeness of something. Drop emerged in its slang form in London in late 2013 and early 2014. Synonyms include dope, sick, hench, fly, swag, gnarl and rad.
1. Yeah, he's pretty drop for a white guy.

2. Fuck me! That was so drop...

3. Dude, that was the droppest bassline I've ever heard!
by CJLondon February 05, 2014
3 0
slang term for eye drops (mostly referring to when smokin weed)
"dude your eyez are cashed"

"alright thats not a big deal, lemme get them drops"
by christopher0702 May 26, 2009
20 17
to have anything unexpectedly given to someone.
My boss dropped 20 reports on my desk right when I was getting ready to clock out for the weekend.

What a cocksucker.
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
13 10
Hoe. Female or Male who will drop their pants for anyone. Annoying to be around because they flaunt the fact that they're Very sexually active with many different partners
Bryant has a different female at his house every weekend he's a drop.
by realillness October 20, 2013
2 0
1. When a chick squat on dance floor while dancing.
Drop it like it's hot
Drop Drop
like its hot
by Randy [Blur] Robbins January 20, 2005
21 20
Horsemen's term for a rider falling off, as in the horse "dropping" the rider. It does not imply that the horse intentionally removed the rider, but rather that the rider fell through his own lack of skill.
Melissa was having a good round till Sparky dropped her on the last turn.
by Foxsong January 18, 2004
5 4
An order preparatory to doing a repetition of push-ups, usually punitive.
Corporal Bohannon, drop and give me 50.
by megnao flimpis July 28, 2003
11 10