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an animated tv show created by jhonen vasquez in 2001. the show aired on nickelodeon for about a year, and was then cancelled. due to the show's popularity with the older nick-viewing audience, thousands of people petitioned online to have the show remain on the air, but their efforts failed. they then took matters into their own hands, recording all 38 episodes of the show, putting them in AVI and MPEG video formats, and uploading them to the internet for anyone to get their hands on. the show continued to air for about another year, and was eventually taken off.
the show is about an alien from the planet irk named zim. at the beginning of the series, irk had begun "operation impending doom II", a mission to conquer every planet in the universe. zim was an irken who wished to participate, and was reluctantly allowed to do so by the almighty tallest, the leaders of irk. zim has a robotic servant named GIR, and zim's archnemesis is dib, a boy who knows the identity of zim but is ridiculed by his peers.
invader zim owns all other nick shows.
by d-shadow January 15, 2004
when used in the phrase "go platinum", it means to sell 1 million copies of an album.
the cd went platinum in a week.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
a show on adult swim about two absent-minded boys, hank and dean venture. they are the sons of doctor thaddeus venture, a failed scientist who hates his life. dr. venture spends most of his time dealing with his annoying archnemesis, the monarch, who is obsessed with monarch butterflies. the two venture brothers tend to get inadvertently get wrapped up in some plot involving "super-science" and the like.
"go team venture!" -hank and dean
by d-shadow January 19, 2005
super saiya-jin, an advanced level of power reachable only by members of the saiya-jin race or saiya-jin/human hybrids. it causes the person's hair to turn gold and stick up, the person's eyes to turn turquoise, and increases the person's fighting strength several times. it is usually the result of extreme anger. from dbz.
goku was the first to become a ssj.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
to defeat in a competition, usually by a large margin.
the rams crushed the falcons 45-17.
by d-shadow January 14, 2004
a cartoon created by williams street, the makers of adult swim. it's about a boy named gerald who has really bad hair. he goes to his mentor, uncle grandfather, for help, and he tells gerald that he must "attain a level that will bring you large gifts of un-balding ways." it was aired in the place of squidbillies, a show about hillbilly squids. afterwards, a panel discussion is held by space ghost, with meatwad from aqua teen hunger force, sharko from sealab 2021, and early kyler from squidbillies on the panel. hilarity ensues.

perfect hair forever will become a series on adult swim in summer of 2005.
"the other students laugh at me. they call me...Retarded Hair Guy." -gerald
by d-shadow January 19, 2005
two spiky aliens from pluto who frequently appear on aqua teen hunger force. oglethorpe (orange) is the angry one who wants to rule the world. he has a heavy german accent. emory (green) is the laid-back one who doesn't want any trouble. they have smoked weed, stolen cable tv, and tried to create a clone of master shake. they also fight the mooninites in "spacecataz" at the beginning of the newer episodes. both are named after universities in atlanta.
Frylock: Is there maybe a higher brain form that I could speak with?

Oglethorpe: Nein! We are on a top-secret mission of world domination!

Frylock: World domination? You guys couldn't take over a damn bowl of Jell-o.

Emory: Is that, like, an important place or something?

Oglethorpe: WHERE IS IT?
by d-shadow June 27, 2005
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