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Originating in Ottawa, Canada between 2002-3 this term refers to working out. It became increasingly popular in the Ottawa area circa 2006 and it's usage and meanings were extrapolated to reference various aspects of physical fitness and nutrition.
"Are you going to drong today?" - referring to working out

"He's so dronged" - referring to an individual who is extremely fit

"I need to eat massive amounts of drong" - referring to any food high in protein content thus inferring the link between consuming protein and working out.
by JinUzuki November 11, 2011
Adjective: Something that is both Dry and Long

Verb: Dronging - to make something dry and long
Adjective: That lecture was fucking Drong

Verb: Stop Dronging me out.
by drish November 27, 2010
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