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A concept entailing if one has an opportunity to eat any type of food for a cheap amount of price, then they must eat as much as possible even if a feeling of fullness arises, for the possibility of not being able to eat at a later moment in time is a very probable possibility. Certain foods have certain amounts of nutrition. Nutrition's units are a function of time and energy. 5 minutes of energy from a certain type of food is considered one newt. 1 hour of energy from a certain type of food is considered one nut. from the Latin based "JHO" language.
Wow... that is a lot of free food. I better get some nutrition, harghed too.
If I dont get some nutrition, then i might be hungry later when i dont have any food. That would suck so much. If i eat that apple, then i will get 3 newts out of it. Thats 15 minutes of energy. Wow. I am happy now because i got some much-needed nutrition.
by Jason Holmes February 07, 2005
In Los Angeles unified school district in the 90's, nutrition was a 15minute time period from 10am to 1015am where you had a chance to turn in your gov't issused "meal ticket" to get a piece of delicious cheesetoast, the cheese was the yellowest ass cheese in the world, almost orange, but it tasted like the bomb. You had a choice of milk or orange juice, but u got ripped off with the orange juice since it was half the size of the milk.
Ghetto Teacher: Tyrone, I hope you had a hearty breakfast or a fattening nutrition, because you are doing your detention during lunch.
by LatnEdge August 24, 2010
another term for badass
boy 1: "Last night I spelunked a floosie."

boy 2: "Man, that's nutrition."
by Nutritious Arthur Paige November 23, 2003

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