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A potent mixture of different kinds of weed packed into a bong, blunt or pipe
Have a few of your friends come over so we can load a salad bowl
by teknolife August 05, 2005
Nickname for the city of Salinas California, located 40 miles south of San Jose. The name is based on the agricultural significance of the area and its location in the Salinas Valley.
They gang bang like its 1994 in the Salad bowl.
by Geee-no April 22, 2008
I'm from the saladbowl of the world which is Salinas, C.A.
The salad bowl is in Monterey county
by RayRay October 02, 2003
A bowl of marijuana that is packed so that weed is piled up on the bowl, kinda like a salad.
Damn, you packed a salad bowl!
by tcd November 17, 2004
When one or more strands of cannabis are placed together to smoke
Light up a salad bowl
by King Chilie September 28, 2015
(noun) salad bowls occur when two or more different strains of marijuana are mixed in one bowl. salad bowls can also be sprinkled with hash or kief as a dressing of sorts. Does not apply to joints because its not a bowl.
(verb) To salad bowl, Salad Bowl it.

(adjective) salad bowled.
1. Sterling: I accidentally put a nug of the purple in with the blue dream. I guess we'll just have a salad bowl.

2. Taylor: I like the different highs of these 3 strains so I'll salad bowl it.
3. Keenan: My friend had a hash brick and I only had a couple bowls left so we salad bowled in my vaporizer.
(All true stories)
by OldManH September 17, 2010
When any combination of marijuana, hashish, keif or resinated cannabis are combined together into the bowl of a bong or pipe.
Dude I had a huge salad bowl with weed, hash, keif and resinated bud. That shit got me rippedd!
by Intrinzix July 04, 2012
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