high quality marijuana, sometimes laced with another drug(i.e. cocaine)
"hey man, i got some dro, wanna smoke?"
by Playboy November 11, 2003
Motha fuckin' Drosie (Dan Rosie)!
Yo, Dro's comin' over to smoke, get out Billy Bong Thorton.
by Fat Pat J December 06, 2005
so really good weed grown in under water, anytime sombody says it it dangerous dont listen jus inhale real deep and everything gets nice and relaxed, it could not have cocaince or any other substances because cocaine has an opposite effect
lemme get a dub of dro homie
by Dr.P From Worth May 13, 2005
a type of weed that makes you feel like your having an orgasime
yo nigga i busted a nut all ova the motha fucking dro
by steve November 03, 2003
marijuana grown hydroponically, meaning without soil, and underwater. often mixed with cocaine.
That is the most simple definition of dro.
by aguynamedandy June 30, 2006
somthing cool or fun
last night was dro, tight, relaxing or that outfit is dro
by nooki April 08, 2006

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