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A dark elf(drow) which can never be beaten even against the most evil of odds. R.A. Salvatore wrote quite a few books about his life.
Drizzt can never die. He could even beat demons from the underworld.
by Darien56 August 14, 2006
Drizzt Do'Urden is a character in the Forgotten Realms serries. He is a Drow ranger probably the first of his kind to reject the ways of Lolth(the spider queen). He and his magical Black panther Guenwhyvar went out into the world to find their place.
Drizzt the drow ranger follows the Goddess Mielekki.

Drizzt fights for the races of light and for all the good in the world.
by Highspeedlimo March 15, 2009
Drizzt is a form of geek ejaculation when you are over elated about something pertaining to or encompassing anything involving geek; nerdom. Many people Drizzt when they get a new foil mythic rare from the new Magic the Gathering set or when they complete their Dungeons and Dragons rule book set. To Drizzt does not require any physical gratification but instead mental immolation immersing the being in a state of awe, usually happens after an epic occurrence of events involving one or various sequence of events destroying one's or a group of people's perceptions of the ongoing incident causing a mass Drizzt explosion.
Guy 1: Dude, I just Drizzt all over my Magic Collection because the new pack I opened had a foiled Liliana of the Veil inside.

Guy 2: Holy shit!

Guy 1: What? Your pants look wet...

Guy 2: I just Drizzt myself, awesome story bro! Needs more Drow Rangers in it though...
by Rizzit Dough'Urban October 31, 2011

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