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Drizzt Do'Urden is a character in the Forgotten Realms serries. He is a Drow ranger probably the first of his kind to reject the ways of Lolth(the spider queen). He and his magical Black panther Guenwhyvar went out into the world to find their place.
Drizzt the drow ranger follows the Goddess Mielekki.

Drizzt fights for the races of light and for all the good in the world.
by Highspeedlimo March 15, 2009
A Battleship class ship of the Gallente Federation, Packs big fire power and blocks out the sun with its drones.
"I just took out my Dominix and i completely pwned a Drake and Phobos"
by Highspeedlimo March 06, 2009
To betray your allies, To shoot down your own teammates.
"You guys are Sploiting, Im BLUE!"

"Blue? haha not anymore" >:)
by Highspeedlimo January 14, 2009

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