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Halflings are called this because they are half the size of humans. While small, halflings are quite capable, and those who think them easy targets soon learn painful and sharp lessons.
also known as hobbits.
by smurf August 23, 2004
A Hobbit, a fantasy creature half as tall as a man, with furry feet and a big appetite.
Call it a halfling, or the Tolkienistas will sue us.
by Jim Gettman October 29, 2006
A short creature ranging from 3'6" and 4'6" that are most commonly thieves in the game of dnd. They also make good merchants, diplomats, and assassins. Viewed by most as weak and useless, yet they are quite powerful. And it honestly is not a full party without it.
My halfling has assassinated more men then you can count
by Jamendithas Longlegs November 15, 2013
1. Someone who is biracial.
2. Someone who is only "half" of what they say they are.
Examples of "Halfling" are: A half black/half white person. A person who acts tough but is wimpy at times.
by A. Vega November 10, 2006
A person who is 1/2 asian and 1/2 white
Fred's mom is white and his dad is asian, which makes him a half ling
by nrjforever March 04, 2010
Mixed race child or adult, usually derogatory term.
Look at those Packlings, Niglets, Halflings and Snowballs feeding the Ducklings together while the parents (Packies, Niggers, Inter racial couple and Snowmen respectively) argue matters of race, so steeped in antiquity that no one alive even remembers now...
by Badgerpower February 16, 2012
A half-boner, aka chubby.
I woke up with a halfling after dreaming about Scarlett Johansson.

When that girl sat in my lap I caught a halfling.
by aleve September 03, 2006
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