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A drink made with cough syrup, jolly ranchers, sprite, and hennessy.
sippin' on some syzzurp
by rain February 24, 2003
An actor and cult icon, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born July 27, 1977, in Dublin, Ireland. His breakthrough role was in Velvet Goldmine, where he appeared as Brian Slade.

Meyers is sometimes credited as Jonathan Rhys Myers or Jonathan Rhys-Myer. Among his dedicated fans, he is often referred to as JRM.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is extremely talented, but his name is way to long. Therefore, we call him JRM.
by Rain January 09, 2005
a person with depth and has a great sense of humor, style, and music
pinays are usually romaynes
by Rain January 02, 2004
Derived from a Forgotten Realms character created by R. A. Salvatore, Drizzt is also taken to mean "badass" or "supreme". See also: Jack Bauer.
Sweet Jesus, Half-Life 2 is Drizzt-tier!
by Rain May 22, 2004
Slang. Possibly originates from Eastern Canada, specifically Labrador. To be impaired by mind altering substances, specifically hallucinogens.
We got right whapped on 'shrooms and e this weekend.
by Rain November 07, 2004
The act of spontaneously orgasming all over oneself.
"Look its Rain! *orgasms all over themself*"
by Rain February 01, 2003
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