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A nice italian man, with a large heart. Often wants to be the knight in shining armour by helping others. For example, loaning them large sums of money.

Salvatores are often very faithful, and don't get annoyed easily. They drive nice cars, and keep all their belonings in mint condition.
Guy 1: "Did you see that sexy gold prelude drive by?"
Guy 2: "Yes, it must belong to Salvatore!"
by Lassie102 March 08, 2010

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A powerful and handsom Italian man most likely from South Philadelphia with a huge Penis that his girlfriend nick named Goliath. Salvatore is very gifted in the art of music, and has plenty of hot women chasing after him all of the time.
Salvatore from Philly
by Flash o' Mighty February 04, 2010
A vibrant, handsome, Italian man who knows what he wants and takes it with no apologies. He's likely to go by Sal, because he doesn't understand just how sexy he and his name really are. On top of that; he's intelligent, good in bed (and out!), and great at games of skill.
He's destined to live an incredibly happy and adventurous life with a woman who loves him with an all-consuming passion and whom he loves in return.
Salvatore is deliciously salacious!
by zeyzel January 07, 2012