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1. Someone that has down syndrome
2. A retard
That kid is a downie.
by Cauch August 02, 2005
A person with Down's Syndrome
He kept hitting me all day but I couldn't do anything because he was a downie.
by Chrissyboi August 24, 2005
A stupid kid who does dumb shit
wat will the downie do next?
by Anonomyse May 24, 2006
Down-Syndrome Slang
Nasty skit
medical term
Bernard your some downie!?!?!
by grim19 February 25, 2006
john phung
wow, john phung is such a downie.
by fuckingstupidshit August 27, 2008
noun: short for Alec Downie (orignally the name of a Pictish leader during the barbarian invasion who supposedly held over 50 wives at a time), someone who appears entirely physically and mentally perfect and is infinately desirable to both males and females. The common name of the Sexmachine 2.0. Also called downerator (soccer name), downers, A-down (rapper name) or downster.
1) My hands simply couldn't help being drawn to the luscious thighs of the downie.

2) In the horrid boredome of the school day, my mind is prone to wander and fantasize about the properties of the downie.
by Pechvarry November 12, 2006
From the term "downer"
someone who brings people down and it a sort of mood-killer.
Josh is happy he got 93% on his test and Mike walks over and shows him his 95%. Mike is a downie.
by Yosh man January 17, 2010
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