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verb: to ram a some sort of long, thin, fairly cylindrical object into some sort of opening or hole. can have sexual connotations (as in, this aforementioned "rod" is a "meatrod"), but can also be used to describe such actions as sharpening a pencil, connecting a plug, etc.
1) He finally became angry after having been ramrodded over 73 times with a pencil during class.

2) Person 1: Turn the stereo on, man!
Person 2: Just a sec, I've gotta ramrod it.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
Spankin', sexy, delicious, delectable, able to have things inserted into it, pretty damn good at soggy biscuit, really sweet/awesome,(can be used as an adjective or an adverb). -- SEE "BOX" FOR NOUN VERSION!
OMFG that biatch was soooooooooooooo boxy!

OMFG! Hank Shorb went boxy on my ass again!
by Pechvarry December 05, 2005
noun: the Air Cock Thrust, a dance move pioneered by the underground hip-hop group, then stolen and twisted by teenage boys to be used in dance parties where they dissaprove of the music choice. to perform one as intended is quite a feat of athleticism, but many achieve similar effects by jumping from a high point and thrusting in the air. often accompanied by the yelling of "A! C! T!" while in the air, and occasionally by hand symbold upon completion.
1) we were ACTing all throughout the dance... the chaperones looked rather worried.

2) I pulled a sick ACT down the main school stairs today -- you should of seen it.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
intransitive verb:

1) (literal definition) to create man-foam (ejaculate)

2) to gush, i. e. to praise something highly or run your mouth about something you love


3) man-foam, man-milk, froth, etc.

4) the nasty grey stuff on roads after a snowstorm

5) scum, crap -- used to refer to something you dislike.
1) Person 1: Let's watch The Lion King 2!
Person 2: No, you bastard, the last time we watched that you slushed all over the screen.

2) Damn... Nick just won't stop slushing about The Boosh. I wish he'd stuff a muskrat down his throat.

3) You got slush all over my trenchcoat! I'm never lending you anything ever again.

4) Weather Man: Stay off the roads today, as there is a massively high probability of slush buildup.

5) That Frenchman is full of slush... I bet if we stuck a needle into his stomach it'd ooze frothy whiteness.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
noun: short for Alec Downie (orignally the name of a Pictish leader during the barbarian invasion who supposedly held over 50 wives at a time), someone who appears entirely physically and mentally perfect and is infinately desirable to both males and females. The common name of the Sexmachine 2.0. Also called downerator (soccer name), downers, A-down (rapper name) or downster.
1) My hands simply couldn't help being drawn to the luscious thighs of the downie.

2) In the horrid boredome of the school day, my mind is prone to wander and fantasize about the properties of the downie.
by Pechvarry November 12, 2006
noun: an acronym for "Anal Pencil Thrust" the act of ramming a pencil (or pen) up someone's anus. Normally performed while clothed and with non-romantic intents (and usually on the same sex). it originated in the environment of certain East-Coast preperatory schools to ease the boredom of classes by APTing someone repeatedly and watching them flinch, squirm and squeal, all under the nose of a teacher. its acronym form came as a result of the popularization of the act.
1) I APTed Andrew today so mightily during math class that my writing utensil penetrated the cloth of his pants.

2) We spent the entire evening debating the nonexistence of homosexual connotations to the act of the APT.
by Pechvarry November 12, 2006
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