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Taking a picture of someone taking a selfie
Check out this douchie of this chick taking a selfie.
by Dru Zellmer June 22, 2014
Variant of douche bag and douche. Douchie is used in an affectionate manner to describe a person who commits acts ofdouche baggery but is nevertheless forgiven and loved for who he or she is. A douchie is typically appreciated whereas a douche is not.
From girlfriend to boyfriend: "I can't believe you just made fun of Jenn's muffin top. You're such a douchie".
by Cristo39 March 03, 2010
Like douche bag but to the next level, something completely and utterly retarded and pointless. Offen used as an insult or to say that you do not enjoy something.
*Silent hill was so douchie
* Dude, you are so fucking douchie

by Natalie Theriault May 05, 2006
A person that is or is acting like a douche.
"Levi is being douchie"
by Korkle November 13, 2009
Once a male has ejaculated into a woman (who is on her period) the woman stands over him and lets the cum and period blood drip on his chest.
Why do you like getting the Douchie from Veronica so much, you might as well let her shit on your chest?
by Pete Pabs June 06, 2010
Origanating in a small town in MI. a douchie is the ugly cousin of the douch bag
if ya know what i mean
douchie's are primarily used as nutrition for ethiopian puppies
I am a douchie
wynn is a douchie
by douchie August 25, 2004
it is an affect after having anal sex with a chic and you pull it out and your dick has a shit log on it. Similar to a corndog.
You best lick that douchie off my dick bitch
by Anonymous February 27, 2003

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