How one measures how big of a douche bag someone is is.
"Bill Rajewski's busting some poor old guy's chops on a Monday morning, his level of douche baggery rises with every passing moment
by Jon Anderson April 10, 2006
The greatest word of all time.

What douchebags participate in.
Ah, she was the Daedric Price of Douchebaggery. In disguise!
by TheTrollinTroll March 27, 2015
The act of being a douchebag.
Mike: Yo, did you hear that John stole Harry's girlfriend?
Trevor: Yeah, he's full of douchebaggery.
by Scumdiddily July 07, 2014
An event or act performed by a douchebag. This event or act will negatively impact a particular situation, can involve multiple douchebags, and take the acts of non-douchebags but collectively result in a douchebag situation. An act of douchebaggery will likely result in the creation of a new douchism for describing such act. Example:
As the meeting drew to a close, the various dignitaries could not resist the opportunity to provide closing comments. As these comments drug on and extended the meeting, each person who spoke tried to be more dignified than those previous. The resulting unprepared speeches contained douchalogies and went from an otherwise typical meeting towards a collective douchievement thanks to all of the douchebaggery.
by Johnny Umuzungu September 12, 2013
The act of someone being an absolute cunt. It's an art perfected by only the most supreme douchebags. It encompasses being a tool, a dick, an asshole etc. Carrying out ridiculous actions that make you a definition douche. Similar to faggotry.
The level of douchebaggery Derp just showed when he caved on my pillow is unreal. I didn't know he was that much of a tool.
by Definitely A Douchebag February 23, 2013
The perfected art of being a douche bag.
Once it's clear he's adept at douchebaggery, I head for the hills.
by StarShineSpeaks October 18, 2012
The constant 3 acts of someone (usually male) that does 1. acts like they have a big you know what and doesn't, 2. thinks that God sent him personally down to the women of earth wrapped up with a bow and 3. Has no end to the selfishness
A thin veil of douchebaggery fools no one.
by Sando2 November 17, 2011

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