1) The actions associated with being a douchebag possibly including, but not limited to, the following:

Popping the collar of a polo shirt, saying outdated expressions such as "that's hella cool" and "I just pwned your ass for the 34th straight game", the styling of the hair with a buttload of product, constantly saying the word "dude" with varying pronunciations, acting in a manner that generally pisses other people off except other douchebags, waiting in the car while your girlfriend/wife goes inside and does all the grocery shopping, throwing gangster signs and sideways piece symbols in photos and greetings/goodbyes, acting in a careless and stupid manner, farting in public, growing ridiculous facial hair like Nick Swisher, cranking up rap masic thru massive subs at stop lights, lighting up a cigar in a no-smoking casino, and generally doing things that good, upstanding men/women would not do.
Porter: You know who's a douchebag? You're a douchebag, Brad.

Brad: Sometimes you act like a complete and total douchebag. Your douchebaggery knows no bounds, even by normal douchebag standards.
by jackolanternteeth March 11, 2010
The act of doing something that is unneeded and stupid.
As the team ran the football back after blocking the field goal, the team commited the act of douchebaggery and ran on the field and got a penalty.
by NickKimo November 04, 2011
The act of being a huge douchebag
I can't believe what Jeffrey did. That was Douchebaggery at it's finest.
by Billy Hickman September 27, 2011
Blatant stupidity, ignorance, or insolence.
I'm tired of Paldain and all his douchebaggery.
by UntoldProphecy May 05, 2011
Behavior and tendencies associated with known douchebags.
Schuyler has really taken a turn for the worse in resorting to such douchebaggery.
by Silliman Wright September 24, 2010
Slang ;
Anything Kanye West does
"What'd you do last night?"
"Oh you know, the usual douchebaggery."
by I'm Ron Burgundy? March 15, 2010
The act of committing the violation of being a douche bag and/or seeming like a douche bag.
"You have committed a 3rd offense of douchebaggery."

"Here comes some douchebaggery from the n00b section."

"I do not appreciate your douchebaggery good sir."
by ProvenBus February 22, 2010

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