The perfected art of being a douche bag.
Once it's clear he's adept at douchebaggery, I head for the hills.
by StarShineSpeaks October 18, 2012
The activities of a group of douchebags in a social setting that unknowingly, annoys most of the people around them. Usually this is a table of college-aged men in a family restaurant or at an airport on the way to Spring Break. Easy to recognize by the backward turned hats, overly loud lewd jokes, and furious frowns of wait staff and nearby patrons.
Tom: How was your Dinner?
Sally: Great, except for the unending douchebaggery of the guys at the table next to us. They kept throwing peas at each other and talking about the waitress's ass.
by Charva1976 April 09, 2011
The acts a douche bag performs.
A: Dude, Tyler is such a douche bag. Ask him what he's doing later.

B: Hey Tyler! What douche-baggery are you up to later today?
by braetonfaith May 08, 2010
1) The actions associated with being a douchebag possibly including, but not limited to, the following:

Popping the collar of a polo shirt, saying outdated expressions such as "that's hella cool" and "I just pwned your ass for the 34th straight game", the styling of the hair with a buttload of product, constantly saying the word "dude" with varying pronunciations, acting in a manner that generally pisses other people off except other douchebags, waiting in the car while your girlfriend/wife goes inside and does all the grocery shopping, throwing gangster signs and sideways piece symbols in photos and greetings/goodbyes, acting in a careless and stupid manner, farting in public, growing ridiculous facial hair like Nick Swisher, cranking up rap masic thru massive subs at stop lights, lighting up a cigar in a no-smoking casino, and generally doing things that good, upstanding men/women would not do.
Porter: You know who's a douchebag? You're a douchebag, Brad.

Brad: Sometimes you act like a complete and total douchebag. Your douchebaggery knows no bounds, even by normal douchebag standards.
by jackolanternteeth March 11, 2010
A bar where jocks, fratboys, preppies, wiggers, and the girls that love them congregate. Usually very crowded with obnoxious loud hiphop/r&b/poptronica/reggae/reggaeton/contemporary top40 music permeating everything. Airheaded girls can be seen dancing on the bartop impeding the purchase of alcohol from honest patrons, while slackjawed submorons who havent completed their evolutionary cycle drool over said bartop dancers. Bar fights are a common occurrence, and they are usually begun over something totally insignificant. Flatscreen televisions showing all manner of sporting events cover the walls like a fresh (and garishly unsightly) coat of paint.
I tried meeting up with those guys, but they were all the way in the back of the bar and i couldnt get near the counter for a beer because all the guys were hooting and hollering over these two stupid chicks standing on the bar grinding each other; it was a total douchebaggery.
by Xwraith April 29, 2009
The act of doing something that is unneeded and stupid.
As the team ran the football back after blocking the field goal, the team commited the act of douchebaggery and ran on the field and got a penalty.
by NickKimo November 04, 2011
The act of being a huge douchebag
I can't believe what Jeffrey did. That was Douchebaggery at it's finest.
by Billy Hickman September 27, 2011
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