The act of being a Douchebag, perfected to an art
The boss is keeping us late again. Why must we put up with such douchebaggery?
by miller2112 May 24, 2009
A declaration sent to friends via email, text or said in person when someone...

1. selfishly chooses going out with a guy or gal for a date over doing an activity with friends. Especially when it is one of the friend's birthday.

2. Forgets to do something or be somewhere with his or her friends.

3. does something selfish rather than helping his friends or others.

4. Shows up late to an event.
5. Shows up late and makes everyone else late for an event.

6. does not show up to an event scheduled by friends.
7. eats all of the food without sharing.
8. gets so drunk that he or she becomes belligerent and incomprehensible, and yells profanity in public places.

9. Hogs the microphone at Karaoke.
10. wants to go to places or eat at places only he or she wants to go to.
11. tells his or her friends not to go to an event, but in turn, goes to the event anyway.
He chooses going on a date with a girl than hang out with his friends on his friend's birthday??!! I declare DOUCHEBAGGERY!!!!
by JAR8 August 30, 2010
The act of being Kayne West
Only Kanye can produce that much Douchebaggery
by oxymorontoday March 03, 2010
To live ones life as a douche bag. To engage in douchiness. Also known as the Porter-Manis philosophy of life.
Five Vegas bombs later, those two were engaged in some serious douche baggery.
by Bag-o-Douche February 05, 2010
An adjective which is used to describe something that is cruel, or done by a douche bag. Or, the act of being a douchebag. Most of the time, douchebaggery is associated with the people who steal your baby mama/daddy.
Kyle: Dude! That mo-fo stole my woman!
Maurice: Wow. Talk about douche-baggery.
by I8mypen April 19, 2009
1)The philosophy held by douchebags, holding that no one other than themselves (or perhaps their close associates) matters in the least bit, and thus that other human beings can and should be treated like complete excrement for little or no reason (and often for selfish reasons). Closely related to fascism, which has been practiced by control freaks such as Adolf Hitler.
2)The act of putting this philosophy into practice.
I dont get paid enough to put up with Kevin's douchebaggery at work....
by brettmacgyver March 24, 2009
To commit an act(s) that is/are indicative of a douchebag.
Mitchell picked out and ate all the fucking sausage in the sausage and vegetable mix... Leaving only vegetables. A complete act of douchebaggery!
by @rustyshackleford February 17, 2015

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