An adjective which is used to describe something that is cruel, or done by a douche bag. Or, the act of being a douchebag. Most of the time, douchebaggery is associated with the people who steal your baby mama/daddy.
Kyle: Dude! That mo-fo stole my woman!
Maurice: Wow. Talk about douche-baggery.
#douche bag #douche #mo-fo #dick #woman-stealer
by I8mypen April 19, 2009
1)The philosophy held by douchebags, holding that no one other than themselves (or perhaps their close associates) matters in the least bit, and thus that other human beings can and should be treated like complete excrement for little or no reason (and often for selfish reasons). Closely related to fascism, which has been practiced by control freaks such as Adolf Hitler.
2)The act of putting this philosophy into practice.
I dont get paid enough to put up with Kevin's douchebaggery at work....
#db #dbaggery #douchebaggery #dbags #dbag town
by brettmacgyver March 24, 2009
idiotic actions and/or thinking. See douchebag.
Your stupid behavior and ignorant, racist rants lead me to believe that your douchebaggery knows no bounds.
#tomfoolery #folly #foolery #ludicrousness #foolishness #douchebag #douche
by RaTBoyfan December 21, 2008
The act of being up to no good, usually in a douchebag kind of way.
Dude, he is up to so much Douchebaggery.
#douchebag #douche #doosh #doocheurt #annoying #bastard
by Dog Fijs February 08, 2010
Shrewd efforts put forth by douchebags to undermine other men as a social utility.
In all of his douchebaggery, he becomes one.
#douchebag #douche #wimp #pussy #boyee
by theGooge December 13, 2009
The constant 3 acts of someone (usually male) that does 1. acts like they have a big you know what and doesn't, 2. thinks that God sent him personally down to the women of earth wrapped up with a bow and 3. Has no end to the selfishness
A thin veil of douchebaggery fools no one.
#douchebaggery #douche bag #douche #douchebagger #selfish
by Sando2 November 17, 2011
to carry out n such a manner that is generally offensive, lude, rude, and/or of a prick
a man wakes up to the noise of his crying infant, waits to see if it will stop. finally awakens to walk right past the infants room to go smoke a ciggarette fist, then tend to infants needs.....his actions are classic douchebaggery
#bitchyness #asshole #obnoxiousness #self-centered #loathesome
by loo hoo April 22, 2011
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