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1. The male counterpart of a female co-worker
2. A platonic, male, worksite 'mate'
3. A male co-worker that provides for your needs (i.e. snacks)
4. A male co-worker that provides moral support and guidance
Steve is my work husband; he came all the way across town to read my mantoux results!

You couldn't ask for a better work husband than Priestly. He always has snacks and treats waiting for me.
by Blackcat16 March 08, 2010
1. A Minnesota lake
2. The body of water in which Prince's character 'The Kid' (motion picture Purple Rain) states that purification occurs.
While boating in a small northern Minnesota lake, in Perham, Shane fell into the water. Mary exclaimed, "Shane with isn't Lake Minnetonka!"
by Blackcat16 March 08, 2010
To engage in douchebag behavior
Did you see Kanye West on the VMAs? That was some real douchebaggery!
by Blackcat16 March 08, 2010
A term of endearment, to be directed (by a white female) towards a black male
White girl: "Priestly is my chocolate bear, I love him!"
by Blackcat16 March 07, 2010
1. To be confused or in a state of confusion
2. To suffer from mild retardation
Julie appeared to be a bit dip-shnizzled as she looked for her misplaced keys.
by Blackcat16 March 07, 2010
1. To urinate in your pants
2. An alternative to phrases such as; 'pissed myself' or 'peed my pants'
"Dude! When Julie tripped a Foot Locker, I was about to drop a quarter!"
by blackcat16 March 17, 2010
When a person named Corey clarifies something.
Stephanie: "Why does Priestly always wear fitted shirts?"
Corey: "Because he's a lady, a classy lady."
Stephanie: "Thank you for the Corification!"
by Blackcat16 March 08, 2010
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