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Any act that cannot be measured by common sense. Must be performed by a person that is oblivious to their surroundings and posseses douchebag qualities.
What the hell kind of douchebaggery are you talking about?
by MsKHaos February 12, 2010
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An word describing the actions of a douche bag.
"I refuse to take part in this douchebaggery"

"Tom and his douchebaggery"
by Sanctum Ent. February 03, 2010
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1. The act of being a douche bag/douche bagget
2. The action performed by a douche bag
See douche bag:
1. A person who does, says, acts idiotic
Ex. cutting you off without a turn signal; flicking your cigarette butt at someone; deliberately walking into traffic
We will rid the world of douchebaggery, one douche bag at a time; Those who partake in douchebaggery are not allowed.
by bagget January 01, 2010
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An act of total douche.

One would recognize 'douchebaggery' by the way in which one speaks, dresses, walks, or behaves around other human beings.
There is no douchebaggery to be found here.
I have had it with all of your douchebaggery!
"I feel bad for laughing at that" " Don't worry,laugh if you will, for there is no douchebaggery to be found."
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A bar where jocks, fratboys, preppies, wiggers, and the girls that love them congregate. Usually very crowded with obnoxious loud hiphop/r&b/poptronica/reggae/reggaeton/contemporary top40 music permeating everything. Airheaded girls can be seen dancing on the bartop impeding the purchase of alcohol from honest patrons, while slackjawed submorons who havent completed their evolutionary cycle drool over said bartop dancers. Bar fights are a common occurrence, and they are usually begun over something totally insignificant. Flatscreen televisions showing all manner of sporting events cover the walls like a fresh (and garishly unsightly) coat of paint.
I tried meeting up with those guys, but they were all the way in the back of the bar and i couldnt get near the counter for a beer because all the guys were hooting and hollering over these two stupid chicks standing on the bar grinding each other; it was a total douchebaggery.
by Xwraith April 29, 2009
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The act of being a douche-bag, often to the point of losing friends.
Paul: I was going to help you, but decided to work out instead. It's all about me man.

Efren: Your douchebaggery truly knows no bounds.
by Manbearpigdog December 31, 2010
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The act or acts of being a Douche-bag.
The Americans were showing a presence of douchebaggery when they kicked the Indians off their land.
by AccWW May 19, 2010
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