Blatant stupidity, ignorance, or insolence.
I'm tired of Paldain and all his douchebaggery.
by UntoldProphecy May 05, 2011
Behavior and tendencies associated with known douchebags.
Schuyler has really taken a turn for the worse in resorting to such douchebaggery.
by Silliman Wright September 24, 2010
The act of committing the violation of being a douche bag and/or seeming like a douche bag.
"You have committed a 3rd offense of douchebaggery."

"Here comes some douchebaggery from the n00b section."

"I do not appreciate your douchebaggery good sir."
by ProvenBus February 22, 2010
An occasion or act when a douche or a tool is doing something douche-like.
Stop chugging shots like LMFAO, you're a lightweight. This is such douchebaggery.
by AsianDunnSensation February 17, 2010
Any act that cannot be measured by common sense. Must be performed by a person that is oblivious to their surroundings and posseses douchebag qualities.
What the hell kind of douchebaggery are you talking about?
by MsKHaos February 12, 2010
An word describing the actions of a douche bag.
"I refuse to take part in this douchebaggery"

"Tom and his douchebaggery"
by Sanctum Ent. February 03, 2010
1. The act of being a douche bag/douche bagget
2. The action performed by a douche bag
See douche bag:
1. A person who does, says, acts idiotic
Ex. cutting you off without a turn signal; flicking your cigarette butt at someone; deliberately walking into traffic
We will rid the world of douchebaggery, one douche bag at a time; Those who partake in douchebaggery are not allowed.
by bagget January 01, 2010

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