The acts and deeds of a douche bag
I am tired of Rick's douchebaggery when he leaves the bar tab to the rest of us.
by Theo Sawrus November 14, 2010
The act in which someone is being a douche bag or has the characteristics or symptoms of a douche bag
That mans douche baggery has reached astronomically high levels.
by AwsomeT March 09, 2009
The various antics of a douche bag.
If your friend asks you for phone sex, then asks someone else when you go on vacation and don't get phone service, gets to 3rd base and refuses to kiss you because he is waiting until he is married, then kisses you once, tells you he wants to marry you and turns out to be trying to get with one of your best friends, lies about your kiss, begs you to forgive him- and you DO forgive his douche baggery- only to be told "we are too deeply in love to have a normal relationship".... and days later is going out (which he wouldn't do with you because "dating is meaningless") with a completely new girl... THAT is a douche bag, committing some serious douche baggery.
by wouldnt you like to know...96 January 18, 2009
1. The actions of a douchebag

2. Being a compelete douchebag
Danny Broke up with his gorgeous girlfriend, he committed douche-baggery.
by Notyouravarageblondie July 31, 2009
1) n. The condition in which one acts like a douchebag.

2) n. An event or situation that is unpleasant that could have been avoided.

3) n. An unfair situation.
1) Dude: Man, Joe's an asshole.
Bro: Yea. Fuck him and his douchebaggery.

2) Dude: Sorry man, but I wrecked your car.
Bro: What kind of douchebaggery is this?

3) Dude: Man, my girlfriend's making me do her dirty laundry for the rest of the semester since I sneezed on her notes.
Bro: I thought the air had a hint of douchebaggery.
by sYnOnyMousanOnyMous January 22, 2009
The involvement of a douche bag into any conversation or situation.
Can you believe that czech thinks he can get away with being an asshole?
That is some primetime douchebaggery!
by Iceman1008 June 08, 2015
Having the characteristics of and/or acting like a total douchbag
The level of douchebaggery here is astonishing.
by OSUBoone February 09, 2011
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