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(noun). A bar where jocks, fratboys, preppies, wiggers, and the girls that love them congregate. Usually very crowded with obnoxious loud hiphop/r&b/poptronica/reggae/reggaeton/contemporary top40 music permeating everything. Airheaded girls can be seen dancing on the bartop impeding the purchase of alcohol from honest patrons, while slackjawed submorons who havent completed their evolutionary cycle drool over said bartop dancers. Barfights are a common occurrence, and they are usually begun over something totally insignificant. Flatscreen televisions showing all manner of sporting events cover the walls like a fresh (and garishly unsightly) coat of paint.
I tried meeting up with those guys, but they were all the way at the back of the bar completely buried by the drunken meatheads hooting and hollering over the two girls standing on the bar grinding each other; it was a total douchebaggerie.
by xwraith April 29, 2009
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