A Huge Douche Bag; One that is high and above all the other assholes.
Jim: Dude, Can you believe Steve? He Showed up late and drunk to my wedding. Then he tried to get with my wife!
Joe: What a Douche Rocket.
#douche #cunt #asshole #douche bag #jerk
by Mr. Danger February 16, 2008
Top Definition
A word to describe an asshole or more commonly, a douche. There are 5 rungs of the douche hierarchy: asshole, douche, douche bag, douche nozzle and right at the top, (displaying unfettered amounts of douche), douche rocket.When someone is so douchey they can no longer be described as a douche nozzle, the big guns are brought out and douche rocket is used.
"Abe you douche rocket!!"
#douche #douche bag #douche nozzle #douche rocket #asshole
by mwoo August 01, 2006
Someone with over extrodinary "douchy" or dumb traits...or for someone that said a dumb remark...almost always used as an insult.
Shut up douche rocket! or Quit being such a douche Rocket
by Sterhelio July 27, 2004
douche douchebag: A rocket propelled douchebag. A douche with an extra kick. Douchebag alternative.
"Johnny is such a flaming doucherocket"
by Alexandra Cannon January 26, 2005
someone who exceeds the rating of douche bag by such a phenomenal level that they must have been launched into douchebaggedness by some form of highly flammable fuel
QJAY was such a douche rocket, he paid home depot to install his mini blinds
#jizz bucket #choad smoker #trekkie #basement troll #beavis
by t/c May 05, 2008
A douchebag who is so chock full of douchebaggery that it propels them into a new dimension of horrible behaviour and unbelievable stupidity.
"That guy won't stop yelling about the girls who won't sleep with him and the intellectuals who won't listen to him. What a doucherocket!"
#douche #douchebag #douche rocket #douche bag #idiot
by jumblebox May 01, 2008
One who is so full of douche, that the pressure of it escaping literally propels him/her.
d00d, she's a total douche-rocket.
#douche-bag #douche-nozzle #douche-tard #douche-bucket #douche-rag
by Anonymous512 November 11, 2007
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