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A bottle of tequila
I woke up in a Tijuana ally, butt naked, a bottle of Mexican mouthwash in one hand and a maraca in the other.
by it_was_a_friday_night April 08, 2008
Random statement usually said to an eldery female on a bus or subway
Hey sexy, wanna touch my leg.
by it_was_a_friday_night January 16, 2008
Used to descibe a fat person whose function in an emergency is being the floatation device
Person 1: We're all gonna drown!
Person 2: No were not.
Person 3: Look! That women is seaworthy. Grab onto her.
by it_was_a_friday_night January 24, 2008
Something that is really awesome or sexy
Person 1: Have you played Halo 3 yet?
Person 2: Yeah, dude! It's spandexing.
by it_was_a_friday_night November 07, 2007
Getting carpetburn on one's balls.
After having sex on the floor with Sally last night, I'm not sure if I have herpes or ball burn.
by it_was_a_friday_night April 08, 2008
Something that is not in any way fruity or gay
Person #1: Did you hear Fall Out Boy is doing a cover of that song?
Person #2: What the fuck? Must they fuck up another perfectly unfruitcaked song?
by it_was_a_friday_night April 30, 2008
An exclaimation of displeasure; can be used in the place of fuck or shit
Teacher: Your paper is due at the end of the period.
Student: Iska!
by it_was_a_friday_night November 07, 2007

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