Someone who exceeds every definition of douchebag that their own douchie-ness has propelled them into outer space via a rocket engine.
Tommy shows up at every wedding reception just to get free food and drink. Even when he's not invited. What a DOUCHE ROCKET.
by Cabbage Fartz August 03, 2009
The ultimate level of being a douche. Usually in reference to someone that you find really annoying and/or incompetent.
What is the deal with Andy, he is being such a Douche Rocket with these retarded projects.
by The Michalenko January 30, 2009
Someone who is a major douche bag.
Justin is such a douche rocket.
by it_was_a_friday_night November 17, 2007
Being a total asshole without any disreguard
John: man, this customer was really mean

Ash: Was he a douche rocket?

John: yea
by howyadoinjersey May 02, 2010

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