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a two part difficulty, a dual disadvantage
The high cost of health care and his lack of medical insurance was a double whammy.
by Light Joker June 19, 2005
when 2 bad things happen. usually its something bad, then something worse to make things even more f'd up.
bob -- DUDE I just got fired!! and I think I just got shot in the foot!

tim -- double whammy!
by ttttttttravis February 08, 2007
When a girl gets fucked by two (2) guys.
Guy#1: So we're really going to settle this bet by whoever can get that girl first tonight bro ?

Guy#2: Yes , it's just to see who's the smoothest....and no ties ! No double whammy !

Guy#1: Double what !?
by Mellow fellow69 December 02, 2013
When you stick up both of your middle fingers. Created by Ricky from the tv show Trailer Park Boys
"(sticks up both middle fingers) Now this is the double whammy i only bring this out for special occasions" - Ricky
by thereallb December 12, 2013
When there is two waves in one go. They both come at the exact same time and hit you twice as hard.
Woah, that was a double whammy!
by Ademma January 03, 2008
This is a sexual position in which the female sits upon the male genitalia (full penetration) and the male thrusts upward multiple times with his hips. When the male deems ready he raises his arms in the air, clenching his fingers into tight fists. The male then brings his fists down as hard as possible upon the female clitoris. Fists brought down multiple times upon the clitoris is still considered a double wammy.
"Damn yo, did you hear that Janie got double whammyed yesterday? " -Big Tom
"No my bro, what about it?" - Slippery Dean
"She has to get reconstructive surgery." -Big Tom
"Wow, terrible, will she be able to cover the costs of this insurmountably expensive surgery?" -Slippery Dean
"I am unaware of her finances." - Big Tom
by Arthur Cunning January 25, 2016
Verb (v.); Punching oneself in the testicals whilst cumming/having an orgasm.

Adjective (adj.); A way to describe someone that is sexually attractive but at the same time bad for you financially, personaly, etc.
When used as a verb: "I think I might double-whammy when I jack off today."
When used as an adjective: "Damn that hoe is a double-whammy!"
by Mr. Person guy thingy September 21, 2013
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