Where 2 people dump ass in the same toilet without flushing
"dude i just finished up in the bathroom without flushing!"

"i'm gonna do a double whammy!"
#double-whammy #doble-whammy #double whamy #denny's double whammy #doble whamy
by whats the craft August 13, 2009
A double whammy is two or more girls with lesbian tendencys who express their homosexual needs by hooking up with the same guy at the same time. these girls are most likely to be thought of as best friends and hipster whores that no one likes. a double whammy usually is attracted to the jock but only usually gets desperate losers, and other non significant beings.
guy: hook up with me, both of you. * being ironic*
double whammys: sure *serious*
#double whammy #loser #whore #jock #big bone
by laxxxxxer4life June 16, 2011
While beating it, you are also taking a dump. Commonly the backhand masteurbation technique is used with the Double Whammy

Therefore the sensation of pooping and cumming is amazing.
"sweet baby jesus, i pulled a double whammy last night, that shit was off the chain."
#dump #lol #funny #nigger #joeyb #bored #fat #ud #urban #dick #mexican #whamey
by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
When near the end of doggystyle sexual intercourse the man ejaculates onto the woman's back while at the same time he blows snot out of both nostrils, usually one nostrol at a time and while exclaiming SHAMWOW!
Homie: "Fool I'm, stayin at home with my girl. This cold got my nose all clogged up"
Gangsta: "Dump that shit on yo ho son, I know she loves a good double whammy"
#snot #cum #rocket #sex #doggystyle
by MC-B November 23, 2007
Desperate virgin willing to have sex with girl of dreams while getting anal rammed by girls boyfriend. All Simultaneous. Desperate Virgin enjoys it all.
Warren finally lost his virginity when he did a double whammy with Marianne and Trey.
by The Masked Marauder March 22, 2004
hitting someone in the face hard with both nuts, usually causes significant pain to the attacker
My teacher flunked me so I gave her a double whammy. Fuck my balls hurt
by apieceoftoast March 15, 2005
A guy having anal intercourse with two other guys, both giving and recieving.
Warren, would you do a double whammy if it meant that you can have sex with Marianne afterwards?
by sicvic March 22, 2004
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