fucking things up in both holes.
"i wanna double whammy that girl" or "i just double whammied my midterm"
by twowrongsdontmakearight February 19, 2010
To stand in front of a mirror in a room with the door ajar while masterbating, in the hope that some one will see you and your reflection.
When my room mates are home I like to double whammy.

I was walking through the hallway and caught my son double whammying.

I caught my cocksword in a double whammy. The todd is up, the todd is good.
by Toddenhiemer February 03, 2010
When someone tea bags something, then defecates on it.
Alex got so upset, he did a double whammy on Rob's pillow.
by SAJ001 February 15, 2011
After your through taking a shit, you decide to masturbate.
Hell, my pants are already down, mind as well pull a Double Whammy!
by Mitch Donato March 05, 2010
Where 2 people dump ass in the same toilet without flushing
"dude i just finished up in the bathroom without flushing!"

"i'm gonna do a double whammy!"
by whats the craft August 13, 2009
having sex with two different people on the same day, at different times (usually unbeknownst to most involved)
Ray was sore after having a wild ride with Bobbie, but he could not pass up the opportunity of double whammying on a friday night, so he called his regular booty call Chris...
by V-8 July 25, 2009
The occurrence of two SUPER AWESOME things/events at one time.
It's my birthday... and prom! What a double whammy!
by Kaitlin O. May 15, 2008

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