A twisted, black rimmed, silver trimmed, twin barreled cannon of justice.
Check out my guns, looks like Doss, yeah?
by Mr Shiny March 16, 2011
Used when describing something as a dumbass. The opposite of "boss".

The opposite of something awesome, authorized, or amazing.
You got in 6s, dude! That's so doss!

Joined V9, Like a doss!
by rv7 July 04, 2013
1) A rare and name for the male gender.

Meaning bright (in all senses of the term).

Of Irish and Scottish origin.

Traditionally extremely creative, original, and outside of the box. Very outgoing yet level headed when necessary. Bringing Balance to the scales.

2) A nickname meaning: Ace, Fantastic, shit-hot, etc..
"oh his name is Doss, he must be cool."

"That guy is one hell of a doss!"
by Namorigin December 27, 2009
From doss-house (homeless shelter); also dosser (filthy homeless guy). Doss = filthy smelly lousy.
Fuck off ya doss bastid.
by Sam the jam April 30, 2009
One who is rude, obnoxious, or mean... Synonomous with loss or someone that is acting like an ass. Someone that is being annoying or did something stupid but mean, like a prank.
You're such a doss!

90% of the human race is a bunch of dosses.
by unemployed_guy August 26, 2006
(verb) to make something random and and slightly useless object
Dude, did you just Doss that chair into a petting zoo for dust?
by muddd September 04, 2003
The worst possible, most unlucky outcome of an act of chance (like rolling a die or drawing a number), usually due to chronic stupidity.
DM: Roll for 'directional skills.'
Player: *rolls a 1*
DM: Ha, you rolled a doss! You come back lost with your arm being gnawed on by a grizzly bear!
by AmeNeko April 03, 2004

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