The worst possible, most unlucky outcome of an act of chance (like rolling a die or drawing a number), usually due to chronic stupidity.
DM: Roll for 'directional skills.'
Player: *rolls a 1*
DM: Ha, you rolled a doss! You come back lost with your arm being gnawed on by a grizzly bear!
by AmeNeko April 03, 2004
Figment of unreality related to crying, boasting and early bedtime.
Well that evening was a load of doss.
by Mert November 22, 2003
To doss is to jerk your little meat flute off to the chilling sounds of your mom and and dad walking down the corridor hopefully away from the bathroom. Also used to make fun of people who don't know what it means. Frig. David Prendergast said this.
These dossers who tried to explain doss are so busy dossing that they don't know what doss means. Freaking Dossers. David prendergast is a huge dosser, btw.
by Doss you Dossing Dosser October 06, 2004

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