When a women gives a man oral sex. Usually very good oral sex.
1.) Ay bitch doss me.
2.) She gives the best doss.
by yp510 March 08, 2011
Top Definition
(noun) An easy task or period of time.
Possibly derived from doddle.
(verb) To slack off.
(Orig. UK/ Ireland.)
That class was a doss.
He's been dossing all day.
by Tadhg January 02, 2004
Depending on where in Scotland the term 'Doss' is used, determines what meaning is intended to be conveyed.

In Edinburgh for example, If Bob was to call his mate Tam a "Doss cunt", he would be using the term as an adjective to mean thick, useless, stupid.


If the term 'doss' is used in Perthsire, Angus, and the North East, then it is generallt intended to mean...Ace, Fantastic, shit-hot, etc..
"git a fuckin haud o yersel ye doss cunt!"

Did you see Liverpool in European Cup last night, that was pure doss!"
by MatTheCat August 11, 2005
To Take it easy, relax, do nothing, hang around or chill out. Be Lazy.
I was supposed to paint the house, but I decided to doss with my mates at the pub.

by Dazwaz March 14, 2009
adj. Scots derogatory term. Often prep. of 'cunt' in context of a fucked, stupid and not with it/not awake individual.
"Tam ya doss cunt get tae fuck"
by brendan January 19, 2004
British slang with regional and contextual variations in meaning. Further to other definitions listed, doss can also mean...
1) A laugh; fun; a good time.
2) To sleep rough, usually on somebody's couch or floor but can also mean on the streets.
3) To freeload, particularly while receiving state benefits such as the dole (Jobseeker's Allowance).
1) "We went out last night, got pissed-up and had a right doss."
2) "Shit, I've missed the last bus home. Do you mind if I doss on your floor?"
3) "I quit my job and spent the whole summer dole dossing: just skateboarding all day and partying all night."
by Creese May 27, 2010
Scottish term used in place of awesome, brilliant, fantastic or whatever.
"PMX are fuckin' doss man, ken?"
by Mexineil February 24, 2005
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