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To bounce one's testicles to the left and to the right.
I cant wait to doogle Gilberto.
by fatassfag January 25, 2005
1. A small, unfortunate, troll-like human, who enjoys homosexual relationships with coworkers and being stuffed into lockers and fire safes.

2. One who has an inexplicable affinity for unpopular music, particularly that sung by homosexual bands from the 1980's.
Doogles was able to get a free flight by having his wife stuff him into her carry-on suitcase.
by Jason Smith March 14, 2003
The long cylinder piece of flesh that hangs from a mans body with two squishy circular packages between his legs.
His pants were so tight I could see his doogle through them.
by TeddyJones August 22, 2010
Long Island slang for an over the pants hand job (OTPHJ) performed generally on a male.
My boyfriend Alex really likes when I give him a doogle.
by doogle.lover March 29, 2015
Doo·gle -Doo-guhl -Noun
A Doogle is used as a noun describing any person, item, action, attire, or appearance. "Doogle" or "Doogling", the word originates from a creature born in the 90s very similar to a blob fish in appearance. Any activities that involve lack of common sense, judgement, or composure can be considered a "Doogle." Also any 90s clothes, such as Jncos, shants, tube socks, buttrock shirts, and hats, are considered "Doogle" as well. The most important accessory would be their footwear, including Sketchers, or Walmart Velcros. Doogles tend to have bad decision making, directional difficulty, turning the wrong way down a one-way, and speeding through neighborhoods. Also blaring music to deafening levels, hitting parked cars, curbs, and driving in reverse down the freeway. Any social discomfort may also be referred to as "Being a Doogle". Anyone that masters this art form while wearing the correct attire is considered a "King Doogler", these creatures are very rare, but easy to capture/contain. They move at a slow pace and can be easily frightened, their most tactical advantage is the unique ability to blend in with wooded areas. They have a very deep roar, but it is siplayed in a very low raspy tone. They are known to attack but only when under the influence, stay at a safe range to remain safe. If confronted by a King Doogler, it is important to remain calm, one may carry raw hot dogs, pork rinds, or KFC Snack Bowls to keep the King Doogler at ease.
Some examples may be used as:
"Look at that Doogle", "What is that Doogle doing?", "Those Dooglers on your feet are ridiculous.", or simply just "Doogle."
by TheDevil'sTagTeam April 17, 2012
Slightly annoying young skater normally found near Sepentine Road.

See Baconboy
No Doogle.
Go away Doogle.
Not now Doogle.
by Annon March 17, 2005
A nickname for someone who is acting in a strange manner much like a blue dolphin.
Wow, Jonathan, stop being such a doogle.
by j-weezy January 21, 2014
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