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A sound or voice so gorgeous you just have to listen to it again and again no matter what.

So recognisable that even the faintest hint of it in the distance can send your mind reeling.
"i wish i could speak to her again jus to hear those dulcet tones" see Ismay Collins
by Annon March 09, 2005
An Assyrian Leader, and Or King

One of the quickest, best drivers in the world.
I wish i were as powerful as Ramsen

Man, I wish i could drive like Ramsen
by Annon December 25, 2004
The most unbelievably attractive and gorgeous girl you could possibly meet. Funny witty and the breaker of hearts.
If only you could read this, xXx
by Annon March 09, 2005
word to follow the job or description of a younger and very hot male.
Did you check out Pepsi Boy? Would I like a piece of him...
by annon September 12, 2003
Can be used in a variety of ways including battle cries, insults, whatever!
Man 1: Must you always be such a gahbunga?
Man 2: I can't help it. My middle name is literally 'Gahbunga'!
by Annon March 24, 2005
Slightly annoying young skater normally found near Sepentine Road.

See Baconboy
No Doogle.
Go away Doogle.
Not now Doogle.
by Annon March 17, 2005
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