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Good looking, talented, extremely sexy, kind hearted and loving. Has nice butt in football pants. Loves God and his family. Good to everyone who comes into his life. Numero Uno...
I want to be a Gilberto when I grow up.
by IWannaFooFoo May 17, 2008
A Gilberto is an eccentric m/f who usually has dark hair, and is music obsessed. They are of hispanic or brazilian origin, but defy the odds and fully educate themselves. A Gilberto is unique because of their name. As soon as their parents named them, and put them in American schools, they were socially doomed, and turned to music and literature for refuge.
Gilberto Gil
Astrud Gilberto
Bebel Gilberto
Gilberto Câmara
by admiergal September 03, 2005
A creepy dirty mexican that likes to obsess over pretty girls.
I met this guy, but he was acting like such a gilberto. whaaat a turn off!
by oneOFtheGIRLSyouOBSESSover December 11, 2010
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