When one should keep one's mouth shut but doesn't.
"Wow, I totally doogled the shit out of that one"
by Jack Dawkins December 03, 2012
1) n. a name for anyone (stereotypically used by male surfters/skaters but now accepted by any race, sex, religion, and wealth)

2) ?. a way to start a conversation

3) replacing "um" or "like" in any sentence

4) Doogle is another way of saying Dude.
1) Doogle, that chick is hot tits.

2) Yo, what up Doogle? Swing from any giraffe tits lately?

3) Damn doogle, I just bonked my bean.
by Tony Spallone November 01, 2011
Slang for a really big handgun, as in Deagle, But could mean any high-caliber handgun.
Dude!!! I just found a doogle!!!
by D. A. Simpson February 06, 2010
Another word for fucked.

also Doctor Crydermans middle name.
I totally doogled that chick.
by doogle123456 August 29, 2009
A word used as an interjection or substitution in a sentence.
I can't find my doogle," meaning "I can't find my notebook." Another example might be, "Go take care of the doogle," meaning "Go pump the gas.
by Doogle1 July 31, 2010
Referring to somone of the opposite race.
"Hey look johnny! Doooooooooooooooogle!!!!"
"Haha, doogle"
by Represent_G-un0t March 18, 2006
n. a girl who is uneasy to look at, unappealing, or just downright ugly.
Damn, dude, did you see that nasty doogle with the cankles?
by Mr. Geek November 09, 2006

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