n. a girl who is uneasy to look at, unappealing, or just downright ugly.
Damn, dude, did you see that nasty doogle with the cankles?
by Mr. Geek November 09, 2006
Homosexual assistant to Father Ted on popular Irish/British television show.
You know Doogle, God placed us on this earth for a reason, we just need to find out what it is.
by The Lizard May 12, 2003
the act of engaging in an activity of likeness or by example of the doogler.
The man doogled all over the place and then proceeded to drive around in his jeep running over small animals because it made him feel more like a man. He doogled all night long
by deanomite March 08, 2006
Bart Simpson's very tiny penis
See: the Simpsons movie "If I ride on the skateboard naked everyone will see my doogle"
by A. Baker August 12, 2007
The coolest young skater to hit the skating scene since the millenium.
Wow, I aspire to be you,
you are utterly amazing.
Can I have your autograph?
by A lowly fan... March 21, 2005
A young man from the middle of Sherwood Forest, England, and totally nothing at all to do with the rest of these definitions of the word "Doogle". Honest ;o)
That Doogle is a proper top blokey :o)
by Doogle Smile April 28, 2006
When you stick your finger in a girls brown eye.
Chris - Would you like a Doogle?
Mary - Yes I would like one.
by SMOOKE May 03, 2006

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