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When a male has to pay a woman to fuck him, the act of ejaculating is called a donut. Usually one is received from a prostitute.
Person1: That ho was the most costly donut I’ve ever had.
Person2: negus please,
by sparky the darky sharky August 12, 2010
While playing the sport of water polo you shoot the ball over the goalies head while he brings his arms up and makes an 0 shape. The ball goes over his head and through his arms and it looks like a donut. Probably one of the most embarrassing shots to be scored on a goalie. Also called a nut, and if you are the one shooting the ball you can say "I nutted the goalie" Only thing worse then that is when the goalie somehow accidentally puts the ball in the goal himself.
Jeffery: The only way to score on bird is shoot for a donut

Beau: I just nutted the shit outta the Beverly Hills Goalie

James: Did you see my donut backhand on Temple City?
by James Meyerhoff April 13, 2009
a derogatory term for a woman with an emphasis on the lower anatomy.

Popularized by the band "The Offspring"
My girlfriend is a dumb donut
by California Mark February 15, 2009
a person of the Indian descent from the country of India, because of the large amount of Dunkin Donuts owned by Indians.
Yo i didnt understand wat that donuts was tryn to tell me!
by Yoshun February 18, 2008
0. The shape of the donut is a 0, so it means "zero"
How many monkeys are on display at the zoo now?
Donut, Zippo, Nada; they're all sleeping.
by JasonVS February 12, 2008
a free whore. One that will have sexual relationships with anyone. Always open....
-Man- i need some tail tonight

-Dude- A fo sho

-Man- i think i might go get a donut

-Dude- word!!! Bring some rubber tho...
by rttryrtyrtrt June 10, 2007
the number 0, usually used in competitive sports.
"yo whats the score?"

"4-donut my lead"
by God in the Flesh January 12, 2007