a fried snack that usually is covered in some kind of creme see krispy kremes and can be used to play multiple games like horse shoes but using the donut hole and a mans genitals look it up on google...
WOW i was on the krispy kreme diet and gained 670lbs woot!!

omg my girlfriend and I were playing donuts oooohh man it ROCKED!
by fuuon May 25, 2005
A private from the popular web series red vs blue. donut wears pink armor...and is...queer...or not normal.
Grif-woah...what the hell is that?
simmons-what on your head?
donut-...is it a spider? get it off!
grif-no, its blue
donut...is it a blue spider? Get it off!
simmons-no, its not a spider...it more like a glowy pulsating thing.
Donut-Like thats better then a spider.
simmons-maybe we should get it off
grif-After you
simmons-when i say we, I mean you.
donut-Get it off...BAMM *grenade on head explodes
by Mustache Man February 27, 2005
A misspelling of the word "doughnut". Isnt American wonderful?
Dunkin' Donuts
by Sheensha May 01, 2004
An iddiot who says something stupid or has nothing to say at all.
P.1 Hey whats ur name?
P.2 Michelle
P.1 um................
P.1 So ur name is?
P.2 Michelle......(What A Donut!)
by Chris The G April 28, 2004
In a prison setting, it is another inmate's anus.
He got it in the donut!

I heard about his celly--he should watch his donut.
by Tizzat January 28, 2004
A member of the female sex. Scholars maintain its origins are derived from the German word "donitze" meaning vagina.
Jill is such a tight donut bro. I totally glazed that shut last night.
by cheesemangrill December 08, 2010
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