A name of a fat person where their fat covers their eyes
I think Donut can't see.
by giantMIDGET505 May 16, 2006
a pussy with a lot of hair around it, popularized in japanese porn
Look, she's got hairy arms. Don't go down on her, she probably has a donut.
by Pigslut Master April 24, 2006
a person you don't like
what is with this donut, here?
by mobius May 29, 2004
An iddiot who says something stupid or has nothing to say at all.
P.1 Hey whats ur name?
P.2 Michelle
P.1 um................
P.1 So ur name is?
P.2 Michelle......(What A Donut!)
by Chris The G April 28, 2004
Wrong spelled name of one of the best punk bands.
What ever happend to the eighties?
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
1) a huge female - their width must be greater than their height.

2) to skid around in circles in some type of vehicle
1) haha, look at that donut scarf down the mcd's.

2) i got pulled over for doing donut's at the sizzlers parking lot in my 83' chevy.
by mullett December 20, 2002
Slang term for Blowjob in Buies Creek NC
Guy 1: ill be back later guys
Guy 2: go get them donuts!
Guy 1: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh dawg
by DallasTexas September 14, 2011

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