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An iddiot who says something stupid or has nothing to say at all.
P.1 Hey whats ur name?
P.2 Michelle
P.1 um................
P.1 So ur name is?
P.2 Michelle......(What A Donut!)
by Chris The G April 28, 2004
7 17
Wrong spelled name of one of the best punk bands.
What ever happend to the eighties?
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
3 13
1) a huge female - their width must be greater than their height.

2) to skid around in circles in some type of vehicle
1) haha, look at that donut scarf down the mcd's.

2) i got pulled over for doing donut's at the sizzlers parking lot in my 83' chevy.
by mullett December 20, 2002
7 17
Slang term for Blowjob in Buies Creek NC
Guy 1: ill be back later guys
Guy 2: go get them donuts!
Guy 1: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh dawg
by DallasTexas September 14, 2011
0 11
donut when someone has a score of zero kills and like four deaths
dude i was playing MLG and one of my guys got a big fat donut
by Johnny Richard June 13, 2010
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a derogatory term used to identify/describe people from Bismarck, North Dakota. used to describe a person from Bismarck, who is stereotypically considered bad, poor, lazy, addict or criminal. This term was first used during the period when people from Bismarck were descriminated against and used as slaves. The white people would yell at them and call them a "filthy donut" when they were slacking of while working out on the fields. This is why the word is so frowned upon today, because people from Bismarck feel they are losing their sense of control and being descriminated against just like those hard times. It is considered a racial crime when a white person uses the word donut, but it is fine if a donut person says the word. If the use of the word donut wants to be banned then everyone will have to stop using the word, including donuts themselves. It is interesting because when a white person says this word they are put into court against racial crimes, but if a person from Bismarck person would call a white person a term that is equivalent in descrimination as the word donut nothing would happen to them.
"man that donut is super short."
"I eat donuts for breakfast and shit 'em out for dinner."
by nealg54 March 03, 2010
9 20
Getting zero points in call of duty in a clan match
Look at the mother fucker eating cock, he is dropping donuts
by nick the kool kid plate October 21, 2009
8 19