like a spare tire...
someone to ride around on temporarily.
(male or female)
after a while, i had to toss that donut...
it got worn out!!!
by ch@mp August 19, 2008
(doughnut) that yummy bread with the hole in the middle..
sumtyms with fillings.. well it comes in variety..
but it's also our term for that sumthing that a girl has and a guy doesn't .. go figure ;)
i want sum of ur "donuts"
by iloveubabe March 19, 2008
a person of the Indian descent from the country of India, because of the large amount of Dunkin Donuts owned by Indians.
Yo i didnt understand wat that donuts was tryn to tell me!
by Yoshun February 18, 2008
a free whore. One that will have sexual relationships with anyone. Always open....
-Man- i need some tail tonight

-Dude- A fo sho

-Man- i think i might go get a donut

-Dude- word!!! Bring some rubber tho...
by rttryrtyrtrt June 10, 2007
a fried snack that usually is covered in some kind of creme see krispy kremes and can be used to play multiple games like horse shoes but using the donut hole and a mans genitals look it up on google...
WOW i was on the krispy kreme diet and gained 670lbs woot!!

omg my girlfriend and I were playing donuts oooohh man it ROCKED!
by fuuon May 25, 2005
a person you don't like
what is with this donut, here?
by mobius May 29, 2004
A misspelling of the word "doughnut". Isnt American wonderful?
Dunkin' Donuts
by Sheensha May 01, 2004

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