1) a huge female - their width must be greater than their height.

2) to skid around in circles in some type of vehicle
1) haha, look at that donut scarf down the mcd's.

2) i got pulled over for doing donut's at the sizzlers parking lot in my 83' chevy.
by mullett December 20, 2002
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a word to disrespe¢t sum1 of the Folk Nation
dat donut pussy b/¢ he ¢hill w/ dem ckrab ni55az
by dat 9 tre ni55a November 05, 2005
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a fried snack that usually is covered in some kind of creme see krispy kremes and can be used to play multiple games like horse shoes but using the donut hole and a mans genitals look it up on google...
WOW i was on the krispy kreme diet and gained 670lbs woot!!

omg my girlfriend and I were playing donuts oooohh man it ROCKED!
by fuuon May 25, 2005
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a free whore. One that will have sexual relationships with anyone. Always open....
-Man- i need some tail tonight

-Dude- A fo sho

-Man- i think i might go get a donut

-Dude- word!!! Bring some rubber tho...
by rttryrtyrtrt June 10, 2007
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like a spare tire...
someone to ride around on temporarily.
(male or female)
after a while, i had to toss that donut...
it got worn out!!!
by ch@mp August 19, 2008
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While playing the sport of water polo you shoot the ball over the goalies head while he brings his arms up and makes an 0 shape. The ball goes over his head and through his arms and it looks like a donut. Probably one of the most embarrassing shots to be scored on a goalie. Also called a nut, and if you are the one shooting the ball you can say "I nutted the goalie" Only thing worse then that is when the goalie somehow accidentally puts the ball in the goal himself.
Jeffery: The only way to score on bird is shoot for a donut

Beau: I just nutted the shit outta the Beverly Hills Goalie

James: Did you see my donut backhand on Temple City?
by James Meyerhoff April 13, 2009
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the little rubber seal on the bowl for your bong. its seals the downstem to the bowl allowing for good flow through the bowl.
The donut for my bong dryed out and broke, so i had to replace it. now my bong hits fat
by john12343 April 24, 2006
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