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Slang for an emergency T-type spare-wheel for a vehicle. These types of spare wheels are not very wide. Usually a torus-like tire affixed to a steel rim. They vaguely resemble the delicacy of the same name.

Not to be confused with a spare, stock wheel. (As normally seen on Jeeps and large SUV type vehicles.) Stock Spares are frequently attached to the rear door (on an SUV). Donuts are a feature of some cars, and are store in a small space in the trunk.

Donuts are very limited in their ruggedness. You can't go above fifty, and can't go over bumps or anything interesting on the road.
"I tore the balancer of my alloy rim, now i'm stuck on the donut for a week until the replacement wheel comes."
by Raney November 13, 2004
Name of the character in the popular machinima series "Red vs Blue" which is based on the antics of the Red and Blue teams in Blood Gulch, Halo.
"Private Donut reporting sir!"
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
Nickname for crappy spare tire you're not supposed to drive more than about 40mph on.
"try and never drive on donuts."
by SDA July 26, 2003
Police prey
The officer ate the donut in one bite!
by Kikaider June 27, 2003
Cop food. That's why the motherfuckers are such fat pigs.
You know what's the stupidest way a cracka ever got himself killed? Trying to rob a Dunkin' Donuts. Before he could say "Hand over the money!", about 10 cops who were all eating there shot his dumb ass. They done turned that fool into Krispy Kreme.
by Nick D May 28, 2003
A member of the female sex. Scholars maintain its origins are derived from the German word "donitze" meaning vagina.
Jill is such a tight donut bro. I totally glazed that shut last night.
by cheesemangrill December 08, 2010
A private from the popular web series red vs blue. donut wears pink armor...and is...queer...or not normal.
Grif-woah...what the hell is that?
simmons-what on your head?
donut-...is it a spider? get it off!
grif-no, its blue
donut...is it a blue spider? Get it off!
simmons-no, its not a spider...it more like a glowy pulsating thing.
Donut-Like thats better then a spider.
simmons-maybe we should get it off
grif-After you
simmons-when i say we, I mean you.
donut-Get it off...BAMM *grenade on head explodes
by Mustache Man February 27, 2005