Slang word that is mostly used in public places such as work, school, and even around your younger siblings that means "Marijuana."
"Hey wanna have some donuts later after work?"

*parents sitting on the other side of the room*

"Hey Colette, are you getting more donuts later?" "Yeah, this time I'm getting an o."
by jimcarreysgirl July 29, 2014
Money or going to work to make money
Time to go make the donuts, she said when she was leaving for work
by Bondgirl614 June 18, 2009
The rolls of fat on a fat person's belly, resembling donut rings, which we can all see when they torture us by wearing tight clothing. Normally followed by a muffin top.
jonny: dude...check out that girl, you can see her donuts!
frank: MY EYES!
by isabella858 December 26, 2009
While playing the sport of water polo you shoot the ball over the goalies head while he brings his arms up and makes an 0 shape. The ball goes over his head and through his arms and it looks like a donut. Probably one of the most embarrassing shots to be scored on a goalie. Also called a nut, and if you are the one shooting the ball you can say "I nutted the goalie" Only thing worse then that is when the goalie somehow accidentally puts the ball in the goal himself.
Jeffery: The only way to score on bird is shoot for a donut

Beau: I just nutted the shit outta the Beverly Hills Goalie

James: Did you see my donut backhand on Temple City?
by James Meyerhoff April 13, 2009
0. The shape of the donut is a 0, so it means "zero"
How many monkeys are on display at the zoo now?
Donut, Zippo, Nada; they're all sleeping.
by JasonVS February 12, 2008

Slang for an emergency T-type spare-wheel for a vehicle. These types of spare wheels are not very wide. Usually a torus-like tire affixed to a steel rim. They vaguely resemble the delicacy of the same name.

Not to be confused with a spare, stock wheel. (As normally seen on Jeeps and large SUV type vehicles.) Stock Spares are frequently attached to the rear door (on an SUV). Donuts are a feature of some cars, and are store in a small space in the trunk.

Donuts are very limited in their ruggedness. You can't go above fifty, and can't go over bumps or anything interesting on the road.
"I tore the balancer of my alloy rim, now i'm stuck on the donut for a week until the replacement wheel comes."
by Raney November 13, 2004
Name of the character in the popular machinima series "Red vs Blue" which is based on the antics of the Red and Blue teams in Blood Gulch, Halo.
"Private Donut reporting sir!"
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
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