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The food of the gods.
"I hate it how they only sprinkle half the donut."
by Sabishii211 May 02, 2004
Money or going to work to make money
Time to go make the donuts, she said when she was leaving for work
by Bondgirl614 June 18, 2009
Homer Simpson's first love
Mmm...forbidden donut
by frappuccino June 25, 2003
An edible cockring.
"Want a donut?" He suggested.
"Do I ever!" She said, and then proceded to eat the donut off his stick.
by Super sexy person January 23, 2011
The rolls of fat on a fat person's belly, resembling donut rings, which we can all see when they torture us by wearing tight clothing. Normally followed by a muffin top.
jonny: dude...check out that girl, you can see her donuts!
frank: MY EYES!
by isabella858 December 26, 2009
a females love hole.
i was gettin' some 70's style donut last night, man, but then her father walked in and insisted that i make love to him as well, by this time i was so drunk that it didn't even matter anymore.
by joey platinum March 13, 2003
A piece of poop. A Turd.
"Time to make the donuts." is said at the moment before going. When you are finished you say "I made the donuts."
by Josh Le Quire December 04, 2007