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life is easily compared to a donut, There is to many sides to bite at a time and it is always going to leave you empty inside.
Donuts..... that is all i have to say...
by Darkends March 27, 2008
72 41
Short instrumental music songs, short meaning around 1 minute
Person 1: I liked J-Dilla's album "Donuts".
Person 2: Me too, my favorite donut has to be "The Diff'rence"
by lifeislikeadicegame February 08, 2011
35 25
Code word for douche bag when kids are present. (If you text the word douche bag it auto-corrects to the word donut. Perfect!)
Paul is a donut.
by NotJessica1 November 14, 2011
25 20
Release 1.6 of Google's Android.

The first release that went to market in a substantial manner and made it tough for Apple's iPhone. HTC was one of the first hardware producers to embrace Donut, but many followed. Eclair was released only months after Donut was.
A: Are you joining the police, you're talking about donuts quite a bit?

B: No you Apple-fool, I bought myself a proper phone!
by YoungR October 16, 2010
58 56
The food of the gods.
"I hate it how they only sprinkle half the donut."
by Sabishii211 May 02, 2004
199 200
Money or going to work to make money
Time to go make the donuts, she said when she was leaving for work
by Bondgirl614 June 18, 2009
19 21
Homer Simpson's first love
Mmm...forbidden donut
by frappuccino June 25, 2003
169 175