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A baked cracker who tastes SO good it could make your soul leave your body just so it could become a wheat thin.
Did you hear Wheat Thins can cure CANCER?!
My g/f and I love Wheat Thins, because thats how we met.
Cause of death, Wheat Thins, do you concur Dr. Hyde? I concur.
by fuuon September 29, 2005
80's metal band that doesn't sound to metal but are cool anyways.
Every Rose Has Its Thorns, Just Like Every Night Has Its Dawn, Just Like Every Cowboy Sings A Sad Sad Song
holy shit dude thats poison *faints*
by fuuon April 02, 2006
a song sung by Paris Hilton originally written by someone else ,cool to some people hated by most.
i saw paris in concert she sang that stupid song stars are blind that was so not hot.

*punches paris in the face* " sing it again, sing that stupid fricking song again paris i fricking dare ya"
by fuuon August 13, 2006
well the other definitions are also correct but another would be somone usually a girl who when slept next to creates so much heat that its surprising she isnt on fire.
OMFGBBQ...i was sleeping with my girlfriend and dude shes a fucking HUMAN TORCH! i swear i was sweating all night
by fuuon May 30, 2005
A WONDERFUL DRINK!!! somthing sang about in a song my Kelis called "My Milkshake"
I love when people sing about food like OMFGBBQ!
by fuuon May 30, 2005
a fried snack that usually is covered in some kind of creme see krispy kremes and can be used to play multiple games like horse shoes but using the donut hole and a mans genitals look it up on google...
WOW i was on the krispy kreme diet and gained 670lbs woot!!

omg my girlfriend and I were playing donuts oooohh man it ROCKED!
by fuuon May 25, 2005
A hight power who created the heavens and earth with all its inhabitants.

Someone who athiests dont understand because they are ignorant to others beliefes therefore they make themselves feel better by insulting him and being all around Stupid Fuckbags just because they had a bad experience in their life making them think that the Omega one doesn't care but they don't realize that everything happens for a reason.
Athiest: god isn't real, because my gold fish sally died *boofuckinhoo*
Christian: hey fucker, you know every gold fish has an average of about a week to live maybe you should have thought about that before you went and bout dying fish.
Athiest: it's still his fault
Christian: w/e fucktard
by fuuon April 02, 2006

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