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Used in poker circles;

- Short for "donkey."
- Indicates that the specified player plays at best, poorly.

- noun: "That guy's a donk."
- verb: "That guy donked out on me."
by Tholius March 28, 2008
28 39
a girl that has a voluptuos ass or behind..
damn that bitch got donk

by CaLi93 March 10, 2009
7 20
A person with a penis equal to the size a donkey's penis
Connors dad was called donk at his highschool
by Teleporting Fat Guy July 01, 2009
4 18
Slang abbreviation of Redonkulous used when describing something far more absurd than ridiculous.
Jayme: Did you hear what Britney said about her lady part?
Chris: No, What?
Jayme: It was hanging out.
Chris: Thats donks man!
Jayme: Totally donks!
by Chryme March 11, 2009
19 33
A spastic horse.

The term can also be related to other situations in life involving people - if someone is no good at something. Like, a donkey tries but is no good at being a horse.

can be applied to many situations:
1. If someones bad at poker - "He is a donk at poker!"

2. If someone is considering going to see his girlfriend instead of a night on the lash - "Dont donk out on me"

3. If someones doing something bad - "quit donking out"

by Daniel Sanderson October 29, 2008
2 16
As we know from the Soulja Boy song,
It is a women with a very voluptuous butt.
It's such a nice butt you can't even use booty, ass, fatty and other dirty words.
when you see this "donk" you want to make sweet anal love with it.
Dis Girl Gotta Donk, She Finna Shake It All Night

She Got A Donk!
by yooooooooooooooooooooo July 28, 2008
19 33
The sound a clumsy action would make. For example if a partner were walking into BodyCare and bumped their handbag into the Fructis display the sound would be 'Donk!'. The sound may not actually occur in real life and in this instance you yourself being eductaed in the word should provide it.

Pretty girl falls to knees descending stairs of Brighton Nightclub...you would say..."DONK!!"

"DONK!, you totally knocked that brolly over in the porch"
by Mark Peacock March 20, 2009
2 18