a big round plump ass. a "ghetto" booty. apple bottem. junk in the trunk baby.
referred to as "casey" because poeple named CASEY normally have giant donks.
she got a donk! she got a casey!
look at that donk! she must me named casey.
by stindertz September 30, 2009
1. Another slang term for an fine dime's robust rear.

Rappers are often heard establishing and admiring them in their lyrics.

Soulja Boy: "Dis Girl Gotta Donk, She Finna Shake It All Night"
by CurBur January 25, 2009
When smoking marijuana out of a bong, and you take a HUGE hit and clear the chamber.
Damn dude! That was a donk hit!!!!

Try to donk it man.
by Oliviarrgghhh March 04, 2010
As we know from the Soulja Boy song,
It is a women with a very voluptuous butt.
It's such a nice butt you can't even use booty, ass, fatty and other dirty words.
when you see this "donk" you want to make sweet anal love with it.
Dis Girl Gotta Donk, She Finna Shake It All Night

She Got A Donk!
by yooooooooooooooooooooo July 28, 2008
A person with a penis equal to the size a donkey's penis
Connors dad was called donk at his highschool
by Teleporting Fat Guy July 01, 2009
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