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Someone that looks the exact same as another person. yet not a twin. ghost identical to living person: an apparition in the form of a double of a living person
yo i saw someone that looked just like u...could have been your doppelganger
by Keovani March 10, 2003
Video game controllers.
Yo hop on the sticks so i can beat you one more time in tekken.
by Keovani March 10, 2003
tight, right on time, cautious.
Yo the rims on that whip were on point.
Yo i had these cats on point when they saw that nine.
by Keovani March 10, 2003
french word for party of three. A threesome 2 guys one girl 2 girls one guy
Yo i had a menage a trois with my girl and her home girl.
by Keovani February 04, 2003
Top down on a convertible. Drop top
"Yo don't say your car is topless say the titties is out" Nas.
by Keovani March 10, 2003
cake, sex pussy
Getting Kakez gets my snake all slithery
by Keovani May 06, 2003
black cracker, Nigga Cracker, blaq male acting white. Oreo cookie racial slur.
yo peep this nacker trying 2 b white.
by Keovani March 10, 2003
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