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When a fighter gets rocked by the first punches of fight and then swiftly finished off while flopping around confused on the ground.

Refers to a mixed martial arts event between Fedor Emelianenko and Zuluzhino, aka "Zulu".

When Emelianenko later defeated Tim Sylvia in a fashion reminiscent of his performance against Zulu, it was said that Sylvia "got Zulu'd".
Did you see Fedor vs. Gary Goodrige? He got Zulu'd even before Zulu got Zulu'd!
by beefmerciful.com January 04, 2010
Main Entry: donk
Pronunciation: \ˈdäŋk, ˈdȯŋk\
Function: verb, noun
Inflected Form(s): donked; donking
Date: 2005(?)


1 : to regulate on a female who is straight trippin' by making a fist, raising it high above one's head and then striking the top of said bitch's head with the meaty part of the fist.

Emphasized by uttering, "DAWNNK!"


1: technique used to regulate on a female without catching an assault charge.

2: a more concussive alternative to Chris Rock's prescription for man to "shake the shit outta one" when engaging a female who is trippin'.
"No, he didn't hit me officer, but he was donkin' the shit outta me!"
by beefmerciful.com January 04, 2010

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