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Sending a photo of ones genitalia via cellphone to a significant other or accidental random person.

"Donging" obviously implys the sender is a man.
Dude, another politician just got busted for "donging" his hooker side piece.
by RyspekDS June 16, 2011
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Synonomous with clonging. Known for the hollow metal sound made by hitting a steel object with a wooden spoon. Not to be confused with flonging, which has no meaning.
Lets clong/dong but not flong!
by The Me October 23, 2004
College basketball coaches' practice of skirting NCAA rules against commencing a conversation with an unsigned High School player by approaching him in a men's room, and taking the adjoining urinal, in hopes that the H.S. prospect will initiate the conversation legal, but barely
Every time the hot young prospect went to the bathroom at Nike Camp, the whole line of urinals filled up with college coaches donging him, eager to show their interest, but unable to start a conversation.

See, e.g., "I Am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolfe
by J. O'Brien April 07, 2007
Donging is a word used to describe something large and or impressive.

It can also be used to describe something of top quality.
"Mate, have you seen the new Transformers movie? It's donging!"


"Jesus, look at the size of that Guy. He is Donging!"
by spedhead June 29, 2009

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