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To attack or threaten physical aggressiveness toward another person. A metaphor for hitting a person with a melee weapon or other hand held item specifically consisting of wood (i.e. a bat or 2x4). Can also be phrased in a general context as "laying some wood." Not to be confused with the sexual innuendo of "laying pipe."
"Don't make me come over there and lay the wood on you, asshole."
by Heavy1974 November 10, 2009
The opposite of a low-rider vehicle, a dong in the urban setting, particularly inner city areas, is a coupe or sedan with extremely large diameter wheels and very low-profile tires. Fanciful variation of a whip to cartoon-like proportions.
A typical "dong" will be any 1980s Oldsmobile car painted in a unique color and featuring 30 inch--or larger--wheels or spinners (wheels with separately free-rotating hubs).
by Heavy1974 October 06, 2006
Spoken acronym using the first two letters phonetically as in "see" and "you" to complete the phrase "see-you-next-tuesday" thereby cleverly insinuating C-U-Next-Tuesday. Applied to situations where saying "cunt" plainly would be offensive.
Recently used in an episode of Family Guy, character Peter refers to a female character as "a real C-U-Next-Tuesday" (i.e. C.U.N.T.) thereby in fact calling her a "cunt" on national T.V.
by Heavy1974 October 09, 2006

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