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To shove ones fingers up a friend's rectum whilst yelling DONCHE! commonly used in college dorms and frat houses. Suitable for men and women as long as not in a relationship together. Recommended for close friends only.
Bro#1 cooking himself dinner in kitchen, (hears door open and close)

Bro#1: "who is it?"
Bro#2: "DONCHE!" as he shoves pointer and middle finger up friends butt aiming for rectum.

Bro#1: "Ah shit you got me agian"
Bro#2: "DUDE you got my fingers wet!!!

Bro#1: "sorry bro" continues cooking
by elk ridge bros + LLC E 303 June 24, 2010
This word means whatever the user wants it to mean.

"Guy About to score a try"

Danny: Quick joe, Donche him !!!
Joe: Ok !!!!

"Man Gets Donched" !!!
by joegandolf November 15, 2009
Customized version of a douche bag just making the word more exciting and insulting.
You stupid donche bag.
by Chaos July 20, 2003
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